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Genie AI deciphers the true intent of customer queries—to give precise answers

Genie AI Solutions


A custom Genie Virtual Agent on your website can answer customer questions about your products and services.

You can also deploy it on your intranet so employees can ask questions internally.

Genie Virtual Agent

Genie Knowledge base



Integrate Genie Hybrid Business with your live agent platform to blend automation and human touch.

Genie Virtual Agent can answer most queries. When more support is needed, an agent can use the Genie Live Agent Console to automate data retrieval and choose or edit the best responses.

Genie Virtual Agent

Genie Live Agent Console

Genie Knowledge base

Company Knowledge base



Extend the capabilities of Genie Hybrid for the ultimate experience. By integrating with more sources, customers and employees gain access to a greater depth and breadth of information.

Ticketing system integration gives live agents a more efficient, streamlined workflow. And helpdesk automation improves customer self-service.

Genie Virtual Agent

Genie Live Agent Console

Genie Knowledge base

Multiple Knowledge bases

Ticketing System Integration

Helpdesk Automation


Reduce Costs and Confusion

Genie bots use NLP to understand the true intent and meaning of every question.

With contextual insight, your custom bot applies deep learning and semantic searches to extract the most relevant answers from your knowledge-base, FAQs, email, collaboration or productivity platforms—any source you choose.

The results: customers and employees get the information they need quickly. With Genie, your virtual agent can be trained to answer questions about your company, products or services.

According to Forrester, 53% of shoppers will abandon an online purchase if they cannot find answers quickly.

The Communication Conundrum

Customers who visit your website want immediate answers. Rather than sifting through web content and FAQs or waiting for email support, they prefer the speed and convenience of interactive communication that’s available when they need it, 24/7.

Those who need customer support will request a live agent if they don’t find what they need within minutes. The consequences are costly. Live chat and call centers are flooded with basic requests, increasing your operational costs and customer wait times.

The Genius of Genie

From question to answer in seconds—without a live agent

Improve Its Performance

Through deep learning, your Genie bot gets smarter with every interaction. Genie computes a semantic relevance score for each answer.

To train the system further, you can modify the scores through the admin console. In the event Genie cannot answer a question with confidence, it sends an email alert so you can expand your knowledgebase and contact the customer directly.

Top Genie Advantages


Lowers Operational Costs – Minimizes the burden on support staff by up to 70%, based on a chat bot study by Gartner.


Translates Dozens of Languages – Allows customer to interact with your brand in their native language.


Provides Analytics – Gives you insights based on customer queries so you can adjust your strategies


Improves Continually – Gets better with every interaction as we train the system & improve content


Simplifies Setup – Add a single line of JavaScript and customize the UI in a few simple steps

Get Started With Minimal Effort

Add a snippet of JavaScript to get up and running. User friendly design tools make it easy to brand and customize the UI. If you have an existing knowledge base or FAQs, we will structure your dataset so Genie can start answering questions right away.

If you don't have a knowledge base, we can help you build it, using templates and customer queries.