Deliver Information
On Demand

Elevate Self-Service.

Reduce Costs.

Empower Staff.

Genie AI is a data retrieval and knowledge sharing platform—a first of its kind. Once integrated, Genie AI can find and use information scattered across platforms throughout your organization.

The Genie Virtual Assistant can answer questions about your company, products and services, with or without a live agent.

Ask a question...

Genie AI can be integrated with any platform to receive natural language queries from any source:

  • Customer service platforms
  • Customer emails
  • Support tickets
  • Automated chatbots
  • Phone or voice requests
  • CRM feeds
  • Online forms
  • Employees looking for data

Genie will answer.

Genie AI finds and delivers the most relevant answers by extracting information from any sources you choose:

  • Collaboration & productivity software
  • Customer service platforms
  • Company website or intranet
  • Help desk
  • FAQs
  • Knowledge base
  • Oracle database
  • Internal email

Instantly give customers and employees the information they need 24/7.


Reduce the number of support calls and emails by up to 70%, according to Gartner


Empower sales and support with instant data access and knowledge sharing tools


Improve the customer experience


Eliminate the need for live chat and wait times


Cut operational costs

Tired of hunting for information scattered across your organization?

Deploy a Genie bot, powered by artificial intelligence, to automate data sharing. Your customers or employees can ask any question about your company—from any input source—chat, email, phone/voice, support ticket, form, etc.

Genie uses natural language processing (NLP) and semantics to understand the true intent and meaning of every query.

Through deep learning, Genie pulls the most relevant answer from any source you choose, including your call center knowledgebase, FAQs, email or collaboration and productivity tools.

Real-time reports and analytics tell you what customers and employees are asking. With new insights, you can update your content to improve customer service and productivity.

Know Your Options

The Genie answer bot is only a small part of what we can do. But it’s worth noting that other automated chat solutions rely on keywords, not smart semantic searches. This can lead to limited progress and frustration.

A high percentage of queries are routed to live agents, adding to the cost and degrading the customer experience.

Genie is designed to eliminate these problems. Going far beyond lexical matching, Genie negotiates semantic similarity—for better, more accurate answers.